Official Announcement🔊

Funder One / UBETS members, users, investors, and friends. First, from the Funder One / UBETS team, we would like to personally thank you for believing in our platform, coin, and the future of how we will evolve the real estate market!

We know that many of our holders which have traded on both Probit and P2PB2B have their coins frozen by the exchanges. After some suspicion of unauthorized sell orders being placed on both Probit and P2PB2B exchanges, we asked for the exchanges to immediately freeze UBETS from ability to trade as we started our investigation.

After our investigation we discovered that our original UBETS contract was compromised! This led to illegal depositing of UBETS onto our exchanges intentionally and maliciously dropping our coins value/price. This was an irreversible attack on our UBETS coin.

After reviewing the situation with our investors and board members our immediate solution to solve this issue for our followers and coin holders waiting to start trading on P2PB2B and Probit was to create a new coin called “Funder One” FUNDX. We have already begun the listing process with P2PB2B and will launch on their exchange tomorrow 11/6/20. We have started the process of doing the same with Probit. We will update you as soon as we have completed our arrangements with Probit.

For those of you that have purchased UBETS on these 2 exchanges we will effective immediately swap your UBETS in same value as our FUNDX coin. Our listing price with both exchanges will start at $300 per FUNDX coin.

As far as our current members holding UBETS waiting in the queue for their projects to be funded, we are very sorry for the delay. After your project is funded, we will SWAP your existing held UBETS into our new FUNDX coin as scheduled.

Our Attorney, Investors and Team are working diligently to fund your project once the Exchanges are ready, and they will continue the process to fund the projects. We are proud of our security team in creating our new coin. We have taken the highest of standards to make sure that such a malicious and cruel act will never happen again.

Again, thank you to all members, users, investors, and friends for your forever patience with Funder One. We promise to all the people that this company and coin is going right to the top!

Remember, we are a Non-Recourse Funding Platform, after your project is funded, you will have zero debt!

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